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Wisdom teeth


What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last molars. They usually surface during your late teens or early 20's. If your wisdom teeth erupt from the gums without affecting other teeth, they may not need to be removed at all.


However, if they do not surface properly, wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling and infection; this is when removal becomes necessary.


Early extraction before the roots are fully formed may reduce complications and heal faster.

Benefits of removing your wisdom teeth


If wisdom teeth do not surface properly, food may be trapped between the wisdom tooth and the adjacent tooth. This bacteria may result in gum disease and decay, leading to more expensive interventions or extractions later.



Food and bacteria trap can cause infection that results in severe pain and swelling. This may lead to serious medical emergencies.



The bacteria can also break down food particles to release volatile sulphur compounds, resulting in a characteristic rotten egg smell. 


Comfortable wisdom teeth extractions

Research has shown that wisdom tooth surgery is a very safe and straight-forward procedure. The process is virtually painless with our computer-controlled numbing.

We may use safe inhalation sedation or oral sedation to make the process even more comfortable. For more severe dental phobic patients, there are the options of IV sedation or general anaesthetic.

Our Clinical Director has a Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis. He uses relaxation techniques to help nervous patients.

For most, our gentle surgeons, movies on the overhead TV and noise cancellation headphones are enough. 

How do x-rays help in wisdom tooth removal?

X-rays are necessary to help the dentist visualise hidden details like how close the tooth is to the nerve and sinuses.  


For more complicated extractions, we have low dose 3D CT scans that aid in planning safe, minimally-invasive extractions using our 3D software. 


How much does it cost for wisdom tooth removal?

The cost of wisdom teeth extractions varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. In the event of surgery, the procedure is fully Medisave claimable.


We do not want cost to be a barrier to dental treatment. Students and NSF may apply for concessionary rates or the reduction of certain fees.

Learn more about the cost of wisdom teeth extractions here:

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