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CHAS, Merdeka Generation, Pioneer Generation & Medisave


CHAS, Merdeka Generation &

Pioneer Generation subsidies

We are a CHAS accredited clinic, where card holders are entitled to subsidies for selected dental services.

Depending on the colour of your CHAS card, the amount of subsidy will vary as indicated in the table below. Please present your CHAS card and NRIC when you visit our clinics. The amount that you will pay at the end of the visit will be the balance amount after deducting the subsidy.


$11 to $256.50 subsidy per procedure (dependent on procedure)

CHAS Orange

$50.00 to $170.50 subsidy per procedure (for crown, denture & root canal treatment only)

Merdeka Generation

$16 to $261.50 subsidy per procedure (dependent on procedure)

Pioneer Generation

$21 to $266.50 subsidy per procedure (dependent on procedure)


dental procedures

We are a Medisave accredited clinic under the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore. Patients who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents may be able to claim all or part of their surgical expenses from their CPF Medisave Account.

  • What dental procedures are Medisave claimable?
    Medisave can be used to pay for surgical procedures such as: Wisdom teeth surgery Dental implants Bone grafting and gum grafting Gum surgery
  • What if I do not have a Medisave account, or I don't have enough money in my Medisave to cover my dental procedure?"
    In the event that you do not have a Medisave account or your Medisave balance is not sufficient to cover the dental bill, your immediate family members may use their Medisave to help you with the payment. Immediate family members refer to your spouse, parents or child. Please note that the use of Medisave is still subject to Medisave withdrawal limits.
  • What do I need to bring to the clinic if I want to claim my dental procedure through Medisave?
    You will need to bring the following items: The patient's NRIC and the Medisave account holder's NRIC A copy of your CPF statement Completed Medisave Authorisation Form signed by both the patient and/or Medisave Account Holder.
  • How much can I claim from Medisave?
    The maximum Medisave claim limit is subject to the type of procedure you undergo. Please learn more about Medisave Withdrawal Limits here.

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