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Tooth extractions

We ensure painless and gentle extractions. Atraumatic extractions can also be performed with specialised periotomes to preserve bone for implants.

Strong, biocompatible filling options

We use BPA-free fillings and tough fibre-reinforced material to improve the durability and aesthetics.

Wisdom tooth extractions

Not all wisdom teeth need extractions. It is important that we take xrays to examine and plan the most effective management.

Digital x-rays

Our digital bitewing x-rays are very safe and each has the equivalent radiation of eating 20 bananas or walking around Singapore for 20 hours.

3D CT scans

We have full dental radiographic capabilities, including low dose 3D scans. This can be used to plan safer surgeries on computers and 3D-printed surgical guides.

Laser dentistry

We use a laser for gum disinfection to enhance treatment and healing.

Stain treatment & whitening

Air polishing is very effective for coffee and tea stains. For a more profound effect, we may use HSA-approved safe whitening agents with light or lazers in the clinic.

Gum treatment

Gums disease have been linked to heart disease and even dementia. The lack of care might lead to loose teeth, bleeding gums and even bad breath.

Inlays, onlays & crowns

Bigger holes and heavy bite need more than fillings for strength. Though gold crowns are durable, many now prefer the option for zirconia (‘white steel’) or ceramics for aesthetics without compromising on strength.


Dentures are partial or full sets of removable false teeth. They can be held in place with either hooks or dental implants.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges replace missing teeth by using crowns fixed on adjacent teeth. The surfaces of the adjacent teeth are shaved down, and the bridge is cemented onto them.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small titanium fixture that is placed into the jaw. The tooth-like replacement feels, looks and functions virtually the same as a normal tooth.

Kids dentistry

Start your kids on the right habits to strong teeth. Our child-friendly and caring practitioners will ensure a happy first visit.

Braces & invisalign

Straight teeth are not just a cosmetic treatment but also help reduce bacteria trapped between teeth. Don’t like metal on teeth? We have ‘invisible’ aligner options too.

Gentle dentistry

Fear not. We are a gentle-focused clinic with protocols, training and technology dedicated to pain-free treatment and dental anxiety management.

Breath management

We understand the social and personal impacts of breath issues. We have a range of treatments and will manage your halitosis holistically.

Grinding, night guards and sleep dentistry

Stress, bite problems and even sleep have been implicated in grinding and clenching (bruxism). We can customize dental devices to help.

Scaling & polishing

We use gentle ultrasonic German scalers and non-abrasive powders. The desensitising agents and numbing we use make cleaning more comfortable for sensitive teeth.

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