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Good old-fashioned gentle care meets today's pain-free technology

We are gentle dentistry focused clinic with a special interest in dental anxiety management. All our protocols, service training and equipment invested are devoted to provide pain-free and stress-free dental treatment.

This heritage of trusted gentle care started from our founder in 1950 and is further enhanced with today's technology in our 3rd generation of practitioners. 

Learn more about our Gentle Dental options here:

Dental anxiety management

Don’t be embarrassed if you're anxious when you visit the dentist; it's totally normal! 

Even Dr Richard Loy admitted himself on National TV (Channel's 8 Joy Truck) that he can be slightly anxious sometimes, and he lectures in Pain and Anxiety Control!

We are a Dental Phobia Management Clinic with a dedicated Gentle Dental Treatment Suite and pain control technology,


Video credits ( Mediacorp Channel 8 JoyTruck )


Afraid of needles?

We pride ourselves on giving virtually pain-free injections. Our Clinical Director is the key opinion leader for the STA Wand Device (computer-controlling numbing) and lectures on using this for needle phobia.

The microprocessor uses dynamic pressure sensing to give single-tooth injections (STA) without unnecessary numbing of lip and tongue so you may immediately resume daily life.

We partner with a specialist pharmacy to create a custom-compounded potent gum numbing gel. We are also one of two clinics listed that use the Dental Vibe's pulse to block pain signals in Singapore through gate control.

Oral sedation and Iatrosedation

For patients with mild dental-anxiety undergoing minor procedures, we may suggest oral tablets partnered with our virtually painless local anaesthetic.

Our clinical director has a Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis and uses relaxation techniques to help you make your visit stress-free.

Inhalation sedation

General anaesthetic can seem daunting to some patients. As an alternative, we offer inhalation sedation, also known as laughing gas sedation.

Nitrous sedation is one the safest forms of sedation. The gas is non-allergenic, and can be used even for asthmatic patients. The effects are rapid and can easily be reversed to avoid dizziness afterwards. We use a digital machine with accurate electronic control of dosing and fail-safes.


Dr Loy is a member of the The Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology. He has received inhalation sedation training both locally and in Australia. He recently facilitated the 'Pain and Anxiety Control' training with international speaker Dr Steven Parker.

We do not want financial considerations to be a hinderance to anxiety management. NSF and students may apply for certain fee concessions.

Intravenous sedation

For more involved surgeries and severely dental-phobic patients, we have a trained, visiting anesthetist to perform intravenous sedation for your peace of mind.


Minimally invasive, drill-free dentistry

We have drill-free and minimally invasive options without unnecessarily wearing down precious enamel. 

​For early decay, ICON infiltration treats the tooth chemically and 'liquid resin' is adsorbed into the decayed site without drilling. It also helps to treat white spots on teeth without any drilling​ whatsoever.

For small cavities, we use Aquacare air micro-abrasion. The fine particles gently prepare the tooth for a filling, sometimes without needing numbing. Our sonic instruments can also remove the decay conservatively without drilling,

In suitable cases where larger cavities are concerned, we may avoid expensive and invasive crowns with bonding and fiber-reinforced materials to restore strength.

The Gentle Dental Suite

The Gentle Dental Suite is equipped with anxiety management devices and gentle instruments. With an overhead TV, movie goggles and active noise-cancelling headphones, patients can watch movies and shows during treatment and while warm and snug under a blanket.


We have designed the room to maximise natural light. The surrounding flora and trees help reduce claustrophobia and enhance relaxation.

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The Dental Button / Kit Calm

Though most dentists ask their patients to raise their hand if they need to stop, many hesitate to do so.

Even with instruments in your mouth, the Dental Button and Kit Calm from US and Spain allows you to "talk" to your dentist during treatment.

With the Dental Button, the patient can literally stop the machine instantaneously. The power to  pause the treatment at any time has given many of our nervous patients the confidence to visit the dentist again.

Smells, noise and vibrations

Smells and tastes associated with a dental clinic may also be a dental phobia trigger. We use aromatherapy with calming  essential oils. Even our gloves, materials and gels have mint, berry and vanilla favours!

Noise can be a big deterring factor for some patients, which is why we always have a pair of Bose noise-cancellation headphones at the ready. We use music therapy with binaural beat adjunctively to help manage nervousness.


Our Sirona handpieces from Germany have sustained noise reduction which has been verified in independent studies. ​The Aquacare drill-less air micro-abrasion furthers reduces noise and vibration.


Gentle cleaning and scaling

We use German ultrasonic scalers with gentle controlled linear vibration that's both gentle on the teeth and tough on tartar. When used correctly, it doesn't produce any high pitched noises that may irritate the ear.


We use a desensitising agent and custom-compounded topical anaesthetic to numb the gums before cleaning. Our air polishing systems are Swiss-based; the soft non-abrasive polishing powders are kind to your enamel and fillings.


For patients with severe sensitivity, we can also use the STA Wand Device to completely numb you for a painless experience.

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