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Why us?


70 years and 3 generations of trusted gentle care

Our heritage of gentle care began with our late founder Mr. Loy Khai Kow. He established Thye Seng Dentist in Jalan Besar and had quite a following since colonial Singapore.

Patients, even their children and grandchildren, who started with Mr. Loy in the 1950's, are still seeing us to this day.

The baton was then passed to the late Ms. Loy Siow Wen in the 1980's. She was known for her kindness towards her patients and excellent prosthetic skills.

Our current Clinical Director, Dr. Richard Loy, always maintains that in spite of all the technology we use, a kind touch and a warm smile cannot be replaced.

We still invest in technology to improve the safety of our patients. Our Cone beam 3D CT allows precise computer planning of surgery and 3D guided implant placement.


Our sonic instruments and air microabrasion gives us drill-free options for gentle care.


Come in and know more about us.....

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