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Tight infection controls have never been more essential in dentistry

Infection control has never been more crucial given the current COVID19 pandemic. We have included extra precautions to our already stringent hygiene protocol, referencing local and international guidelines for your peace of mind.

Learn more about our infection control protocols here:

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Local and international
standards & guidelines
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Formites & contaminated surfaces
Infection Control Icons-02.png
Cleaner air &
aerosol management
Infection Control Icons-06.png
Training & certifications
Infection Control Icons-07.png
Enzymatic/UV disinfection
Infection Control Icons-03.png
Reducing viral load
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Local and international standards and guidelines

We are adhering strictly to local guidelines and keeping up-to-date on Covid-19 Guidelines from the American Dental Association and the Australian Dental Association.

We are also referencing papers out of Wuhan University School & Hospital of Stomatology to better our infection control protocols.

We are using equipment that complies with local HSA and International Standards (i.e. Nitradem EN 1717 Category 5 Meng L, Hua F, Bian Z. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19): emerging and future challenges for dental and oral medicine. J Dent Res. 2020;22034520914246).


Cleaner air & aerosol management

We use an external aerosol vacuum that captures and filters toxic odors, vapors and particulates away from the breathing area. We also use an enhanced High Volume Evacuator with strong suction that comfortably wraps around your teeth to reduce aerosol, protecting the cheek and tongue during treatment.


We also use a dry-mist disinfectant to kill bacteria, viruses, spores and fungus from the environment. The chemical kills 99.999% of pathogens within 60 seconds, yet remains non-toxic, alcohol-free and is pH neutral.


Enzymatic and UV disinfection

We use a powerful tri-enzymatic aldehyde-free cold soak solution for pre-sterilisation disinfection and the cleaning of all dental and surgical instruments. In addition, UV is used to safely sanitize for your peace of mind.

Formites and contaminated surfaces

We minimise contaminated surfaces through barrier protection. Utilizing foot-activated equipment and sensor operated controls, we reduce direct hand contact. We also regularly disinfect all surfaces with virus-effective solutions.

We have strict protocols governing the use of disposable items (i.e. our Dentalvibe device even comes with a micro-chip that ensures single use!).

Training & certifications

Our staff is regularly updated with the latest Local and Australian infection control and sterilization protocols to ensure that our clinic is clean, our equipment is properly maintained and sterilized and that our dental suites are a safe space for treatment.

- Dentsply Sirona Hygiene Practice of Reference certificate from Dentsply Sirona
- Certificate of Cross Infection Control from Raydent
- Certificate of Water Compliance from CANTEL

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 11.52.29

Reducing viral load

Before treatment begins, we offer every single one of our patients a small amount of pre-procedural antimicrobial mouth rinse with 0.2% povidone iodine or 1% hydrogen peroxide to effectively cleanse the mouth.

This is a guideline from the American Dental Association and the Australian Dental Association.


In order to ensure all of our equipment and handpieces are properly sterilized, we use a professional class B vacuum autoclave made in Germany that ensures complete penetration of even small pores.


We also use a fully-automated handpiece steriliser helps us achieve a better standard of hygiene within the practice and reduce the danger of cross contamination for patients.

Conformity to International:

- Conforms to EN 13060, Class B

- Conforms to the RKI guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin

Standards and guidelines
Cleaner air and aerosol
Enzymatic disnfection nd cotaminated surfaces
Trainin and certs
Reducing viral load
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