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Biofilm therapy


What is biofilm?

There are up to 700 different bacterial species present in the human mouth. Plaque is a combination of bacteria that live in the mouth and protein from saliva— this plaque film is called a “biofilm.”


Biofilm may cause decay, gum disease, infections and bad breath. Removal of biofilm can be very challenging because it is extremely adherent to whatever surface it sticks to.


Incorrect or inefficient tooth brushing often leaves large quantities of biofilm still attached in the mouth. 

What is biofilm therapy?

Biofilm therapy is a systematic, predictable solution for dental biofilm management.

We may use a special dye to reveal the bacteria.

The device then projects a controlled stream of air, water and specialised non-abrasive powder into hard-to-reach areas to remove food particles, plaque and stains.


It is a minimally invasive, virtually pain-free technique and uses pleasant-tasting materials in treatment.

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