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Price list


General dental treatment

Here at TS Dental Care, we keep basic treatments like cleaning, fillings and extractions financially manageable without compromising on quality care.

Routine treatment

Complex treatment

$90 - $130

  • Before subsidy

$150 onwards

  • Before subsidy


Wisdom tooth extractions

Not all wisdom teeth require removal. We will carefully explore non-extraction options first with x-rays.

We will only proceed with the most minimally invasive removal of the tooth if the benefits outweigh the risks. We will also discuss the most suitable pain control and sedation options for each and every patient in our care.

non-surgical removal


$190 - 250

  • Before subsidy

surgical removal

$350- $950 

  • Fully Medisave claimable on day of surgery

  • Up to $300 misc. fee (also Medisave claimable e.g. medication, x-ray and consumables)

*** NSF and students may apply for concessionary rates of certain fees e.g. inhalation sedation fee and consultation  Learn more

Dental implants

We have strict hygiene protocols and never reuse our implant surgical components (e.g. healing abutments). We enhance grafting procedures with growth factors and 3D computer planning. All our implant components are backed by a long history of research and are all HSA-approved.

Single tooth replacement

Please call for more details

  • Costs may vary depending on choice of implant systems and complexity of the procedure

  • $1,250 Medisave claimable on first visit

  • Installment plan available on application 

  • Includes minor grafting

Denture implants

$950/for 2 implants after medisave deduction

  • Only 2 implants needed for the entire lower jaw

  • $2200 Medisave claimable for 2 implants

  • Instalment plans available on application 

  • CHAS, Pioneer and Merdeka Generation subsidies applicable for prosthesis

Root canal treatment

We use an electronic apex location machine to guide cleaning of the nerve canal. Lazer disinfection is also applied to enhance your treatment. We will seal the root canal with a biocompatible material upon completion.

Root canal treatment

$480 onwards

  • CHAS, Pioneer and Merdeka Generation subsidies applicable

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